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SENTIA Faceless Single Launch @ The Workers Club

"Sentia were a surprise and a personal highlight of the night. Embodying most of the aspects of Melbourne prog listed above, Sentia turned down the heaviness and ramped up the weirdness, with complex but grooving rhythms, pop hooks, samples, and less harsh and more emotive sound that was more in tune with the quirkier sides of alternative and post-rock than the prog metal bands that preceded them. There was one particularly bizarre track (Bruisin’) that veered into Stranger Things-sounding 80s synth-pop (complete with cheesy drum machine sample). I was immensely impressed by how tight the band was considering how layered some of their arrangements were, particularly in the vocal and guitar harmonies which sounded amazingly good (I also have to give props to the sound guy, he really did a superb job). Vocalist Amos Phillips was also the most charming frontman out of them all that night, and the dude seemed thrilled to be there and looked right at home on stage. Yeah, I loved this band. They were just an absolute joy to watch, and I can’t wait until I have a chance to see them again."

Read the full article HERE

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