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PREMIERE: "Faceless" Single

Sentia's latest offering ‘Faceless’ is the follow up to their mammoth track, ‘Bruisin’ that was released in June 2018 to rave reviews and sell out shows around the country.

Faceless personifies feelings of anxiety, fear and doubt as an omnipresent spectre that follows with an endless stream of poisonous vitriol, in your ear.

Faceless was recorded in St Kilda's infamous Hothouse studios with Jez Giddings at the same time as Bruisin’.

While the two tracks were recorded together, they could not be more sonically different.

More open and airy than its predecessor, Faceless swaps dirty, neon synth vibes for clean uplifting and spacious tones with sweeping, desperate vocals and lush harmonies.

Check out the lyric video here.

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