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EP Launch Live @ The Evelyn - Review by Beat Magazine's Rod Whitfield

"The entire stage was bathed in light blue dry ice as Sentia’s intro music blasted out of the PA, building tension nicely as the large crowd anticipated the band of the night. Their style is smooth and soothing, more crisp and clean than bludgeoningly heavy and in your face, and their earnest onstage enthusiasm was quite infectious. Especially that of the eternally sincerely grateful frontman Amos Phillips, who has a great voice and presence, and with the other members created some sweet vocal harmonies.

Their set slid by too quickly. However, they packed some serious dynamics into 35 minutes and only left the crowd howling for more. And they go it, with the band returning for an encore, which turned out to be their most driving and energetic tune of the night."


#RainofDoom #Single #Charts

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